Sept 18 2012

Hello my dear Old Bolds (and friends)

Greetings from the 10th floor of the Jackson, Mississippi Marriott. I know it's not glamorous Europe, but hear me out.

First of all, I've never been to Mississippi before, so of course it's all new and exciting. The people have been so nice and hospitable, and the food in every restaurant has all been what they call "home cooked". It's certainly delicious.

Yesterday we did our training for law enforcement and prosecutors here, and if the pouring rain doesn't stop me, I'll be on my way to Washington DC shortly.

There I have a couple days to myself before a Salsa conference that I'm attending starts. Whoa there, before you think I'm living it up here on the road, I have to let you know that Salsa is a database software program we are thinking of buying. There will not be a lot of sexy latin men in tight pants here (darn it!), just those wild and crazy software development folks.

Before the conference starts however, I intend to sit myself down in my favorite home away from home, the national archives in College Park, MD.  This time I have quite a task list including Jay's mission records, and an extensive assortment of French resistance helpers for my friends in France and England. And, for the first time, I intend to breach the floors that hold the gun cam footage and combat photos, trying to find any evidence from the day Robert Sweatt was shot down in a wild melee of B-24's, FW-190's, ME-109's, and P-47's over Orleans, France.

So with my trusty Scouts and Raiders book tucked in snugly under my arm and in joyful anticipation of upcoming days surrounded by piles of 70-year-old papers in my heart, I feel armed to brave any pat down by the TSA, awkward armrest confrontation, or delayed baggage situation that may occur.

I'm still missing all of you, though. Wish you were there with me. Wouldn't
we have fun uncovering lots of great stories there together!

Yours truly,




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