Sept 22 2012

Hello dear Old Bolds and friends,

From the United Club in Terminal C of O'Hare airport. I have 30 minutes to catch the last flight to San Diego.

What's the score for this trip? Well, I was able to copy 16 of Jay's mission records, all of the French resistance helper records my friends in France and England requested, and I found the fighter wing and group records for the fighters in the air Jan 7 44. Plus I got this cool HUGE map copied that lays out the whole fighter story of January 7. Everything is in the mail and on its way home to me.

I had been told (by the archive staff no less) that these mystical fighter files didn't exist, but I found them in a forgotten file, stapled in a mess of tissue paper that took 20 minutes to unwind. All the rusty staples on the edges and through the heart of the mess testified that I was the first to find them since they had been laid down and neatly filed away.

What I didn't get was the gun cam footage or combat photos. I know they are out there somewhere; they can't hide from me forever. To make up for the disappointment, I used a free night for the Park Hyatt in Washington DC (sinful!), am using my (free) United Club membership (always a delight), and upgraded my American flight from DCA to ORD.

They constantly filled my wineglass the whole 90-minute flight from Washington DC to here (with my whole-heated approval) - who knows how many glasses it was in total - and now I am moving through the airport smiling, laughing and totally blotto. Definitely the best trip I've had in ages.

I could get used to this kind of lifestyle!

But I miss you all; it's definitely less fun alone, making me the recipient of bottomless stares of lonely, overweight, badly-aging businessmen travellers.

Look forward to seeing you soon!



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